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About Oleg

A picture of Oleg Mitrofanov, Online Tutor for fashion

For over seven years I have taught students from different backgrounds and levels - from Foundation to Masters degree - getting to work closely with more than 6.000 students. Throughout my experience, I have developed original teaching techniques and methodologies, in order to inspire students and help them develop their true potential, individuality and creative thinking

I’ve been the pathway leader for the BA Fashion Communication with Promotion at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design as well as a lecturer in Design Theory at London College of Fashion where I have taught across the Fashion program. Beside University of the Arts, I have also worked at Kingston University, Conde-Nast CollegeIstituto MarangoniBunka Gakuen, Kyoto Seika University and Osaka Fashion Institute, teaching Fashion Communication, Fashion Design, History of Fashion, Visual Research and Visual Literacy

Alongside teaching, I run a visual research consultancy with an extensive list of high-profile clients. I have worked with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the production company Gainsbury and WhitingGolden Goose Deluxe Brand, Armani, Alexander McQueen, Chanel Beauty, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, H&M among others. I have also done research for photographers, art directors, film makers, fashion designers,  as well as projects for production companies and department stores across the globe.

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"I feel like Oleg has given me the right tools to inject that extra depth into my projects, both when I still was a student as well as now I’m a professional. His methods are all about well-informed research and providing the right communication skills to be able to then present it to either a tutor or a client. His style of teaching is clear, direct and knowledgeable, which are also qualities he helped me develop in my own line of work. My experience at university wouldn't have quite been the same without his help."


Matteo Sarti - Digital Contents Editor


“Oleg Mitrofanov taught me in the final year of my Womenswear BA at LCF. He provided a great insight into the history and methods of visual research and really stirred my interest towards researching vintage clothing details. He possess great knowledge of history of art and fashion. He also advised on design and layout of sketchbooks and lookbooks and helped achieve a professional final product. I really looked forward towards his classes as he provided guidance in the design process like no other”


Xenia Telunts - Designer


"Oleg is very professional, brutally honest and plans every tutorial meticulously and is very focused on how he wants to approach each lesson. I find that this makes a huge difference compared to how the way our previous tutors teach. I also find him extremely approachable and I believe everyone in our course have really opened up to him.

You can come up with almost any references from art, design, cinema to even politics and Oleg would have full knowledge on that- thanks to his previous background as a professional photo researcher. 

I would rate Oleg as excellent in all areas because I believe that he deserves this rating. Being knowledgeable does not always mean being able to teach but he has both skills so it is not surprising that we have seen drastic improvements in our work with everyone at Fashion Communication with Promotion over the past 3 years, including myself of course."

Xander Ang - Stylist


"Oleg was one of the most highly respected and favourited tutors during my time at University of the Arts London. Out of all my lessons, Oleg’s were my favourites. Although I struggled at first developing my portfolio, his way of communicating and sharing with me how to interpret research, objects and themes opened up a whole new world. His accuracy and knowledge on finer details from an array of subjects was always impressive and admirable. We always requested more tutoring time with Oleg, and fellow students agreed; that we wish we would have had his tutoring a lot sooner, as it would of ignited our skill set to create and blend design ideas effortlessly with impeccable research."


Ben Mak - Fashion Designer


" Oleg has been my tutor at London College of Fashion. He is a very dedicated, passionate and caring tutor. He has an extensive knowledge of fashion, fashion history, and visual media in general; as well as a great understanding of the fashion industry today. His portfolio classes took me through all the steps of communicating my ideas visually; taught me how to make my work look professional, presentable and exciting. It has really helped me going through the interviews, after I have graduated and helped me to get my first job at Maison Margiela. I always enjoyed attending Oleg’s classes, and hearing his perspective on my work has been very helpful and insightful. "

Alexandra Aleynikova - Womenswear Designer


"It has been a great pleasure to have had Oleg Mitrofanov as my tutor for Visual Communication, Research and Portfolio during my Bachelors at London College of Fashion.

He is an incredible tutor, capturing the attention and interest of each student with relevant teaching methods.

Oleg elevates students interest and pushes them to expand the area of knowledge and potential by teaching in playful and interactive ways. During his classes he manages to capture and engage students to elevate and heighten their knowledge as well as expanding their potential both on an academic and professional level.

He is simply an exceptional tutor. And will certainly help and push students to develop on individual level to get across their ideas while teaching them how to strengthen the core of their research alongside visual language. Guiding and giving them right tools to communicate their ideas and research to their best potential."

Sevil Fekri - MA Womenswear RCA


"In order to describe Oleg’s brilliance, words would not be enough. As required though, please understand his work and skills as follows. Dedicated to dress and its history, fashion and its ideas, if not philosophical concepts, Oleg is without a doubt gifted with the ease of sharing knowledge with the audience, and captivating minds. In a constant search for ‘l’art du beau’ entwined with depth and sophistication, he opened to me the door to Fashion Critical Studies, allowing me to realise that the world of fashion consists in way more than only beauty in its superficiality. His ability to associate dress with art and cinema history is impressive, and flows so easily that we can only want to know more, and more; he actually makes lateral thinking trendy. Be prepared to get visually and knowledgeably overwhelmed when attending a lecture by Oleg."


Cindy Fournier - Freelance Writer and Communication Consultant

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