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Private Tutorials

What do I get from Private Tutorials?

The following Private Tutorials have been designed to improve the handling of contents as well as the visual delivery of your portfolio; I will teach you how to put together a concise selection of work that really catalyses your design ethos and speaks directly to the requirements of your client or the college you're applying to.


In my experience I have reviewed and marked thousands of portfolios, that’s why today I can offer you the right advice to design a tome of collected work that not only will be a perfect synthesis of your vision, but that will surely impress your client or college - giving your application the frame it truly deserves.

Why would I need a portfolio review?

You have been working on a portfolio, and although you know your subject matter inside-out, you’re worried the main visual story behind it might struggle to be perfectly understood by whomever is going to assess your work. This is when a portfolio review is in order: to make sure your portfolio is well-edited, effervescent and, most of all, relevant to the brief and your visual identity.

Perfect for prospect students or professionals applying for new jobs, these packages have been specifically devised to provide you with the right tools to develop a successful portfolio that will speak on its own and quite simply stand out from the rest - for an impressive head-start in further education and the workplace alike.

Upon initial contact I will offer you a complimentary Skype/Facetime consultation, in order to understand your needs, and whether my tutorials can help you and your work. If so, we will discuss the plan of action best suited to achieve your goals. It is that easy!

Find the perfect tutorial for you

Portfolio Consultancy for Students

(under & post graduates)

Portfolio consultancy for perspective/graduate and post graduate students. This will be useful for those who have a more or less finished portfolio, but that still want to craft it perfectly for a successful application


One off 1.5h session + initial consultation: £350


Professional Portfolio Review for

Job Applications

Perfect for professionals with an almost finished portfolio, this review has been designed to make sure your work complies to the brief and delivers the right aesthetic and conceptual message to really stand out


One off 1.5h session + initial consultation: £350


Portfolio Tutorial

These sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, helping you to unlock the real potential of your portfolio. Step by step, you will learn how to communicate your message to perfection, making sure to impress your college and your clients


1h session + initial consultation: £200


Express Portfolio Tutorial

So you made it! You have a perfectly designed portfolio, but you just want to make sure it has the right poignancy and relevance before sending it off. This Express Portfolio Tutorial is just what you need then!


30 minutes session + initial consultation: £150


Tips for a successful portfolio

As with pretty much everything, there is methodology behind an outstanding portfolio.

The key is simple: clear visual communication and originality. In fact, at my sessions I will teach you just that; how to develop original thinking with a personal style. And most importantly, how to target your portfolio to a specific audience while presenting your ideas in a clear and refined way. To do so, you should just focus on these points:

Have a clear message and point of view

Find out exactly what is it you want to say with your portfolio, making sure your approach stays fresh and relevant

Understand your audience

Who are you compiling this portfolio for? Understanding what your audience wants is an essential step in choosing what subject and format you should opt for

Be original with your research

Feel free to dare, don't limit yourself at referencing the same handful of movies or artists - find something that really fuels your imagination



Don't make the common mistake of sticking to what you're comfortable with.

Study your subject in depth and try to think creatively about it

Craft dialogue between different elements

Creating a dialogue between the different elements of your portfolio is key to make your work even more incisive, interesting and clear

Make it clear and easy

What's the point of having crafted a beautiful selection of work if your portfolio doesn't speak clearly to your chosen audience? Make sure your message comes across!

and, most importantly

Understand your references

Summing up all the above, understanding the references you chose to work with can be a truly essential tool for designing a portfolio that will surely impress your chosen college or client. Sometimes it can happen to stumble upon an image, movie or artist that truly resonates with your subject - but unless you start exploring the cultural resonance and visual implications of your references, your edited work won't achieve the right depth, and that could lead to a portfolio that is hard to understand, and which elements are not communicating with one another.

It's tough work, but understanding your references is a key component of an outstanding presentation - something you can feel confident to show and talk about.

I will teach you how to give your research the right structure, so that you can be assured all of your references will be perfectly positioned throughout your portfolio, ready to be presented and discussed with ease.

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